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Welcome to Our
York Pre-School

Huntington Kinder Class

With fun, dynamism and learning at its heart, Huntington Kinder Class offers an engaging preschool space for your little ones to develop. We pride ourselves on building a safe and nurturing environment for York children aged two years to school age.

Looking for a “preschool near me”? We’re strong believers in our local communities, and work hard to build relationships with our connections in Huntington and the surrounding areas. The pre-school dates back to the 1970s, but today is under the new management of early years expert Giovanna Atkinson.


Meet Our Team

Giovanna took on Huntington Kinder Class in 2019. With a wealth of experience, including joint ownership of another preschool in Huntington, Giovanna is proud to lead Kinder Class’ budding students.

She is joined by her husband Jonathan, who co-owns the pre-school , along with Manager Laura Jayne Tait and a team of dedicated nursery practitioners. If you’d like to get to know us a little better, you can meet the full team by following the link below

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What to Expect From Your York Preschool

We always want to meet your exacting requirements as a parent. Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, which covers little ones from birth through to five years old. This is a key developmental stage of a child’s life, wherein they learn key cognitive, social and physical skills.

The three prime areas for learning are:

  • Communication and language

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Physical development.

We understand that every child is different and will learn at their own pace. Likewise, not every child follows the same steps – which is why our learning is tailored to their individual needs. Based on guidance from the Department of Education’s ‘Development Matters’, we shape our teaching to align with your child’s personal progress.


Take a Virtual Tour

A growing child thrives in an engaging learning environment. We have built Huntington Kinder Class to excite the senses and encourage your little ones to explore the world around them. From interacting with developmental toys and crafts to getting outdoors in nature, every part of our school is designed with learning in mind.

Of course, your child’s learning is about you, too. As a parent, you’ll want to understand exactly what your child is taking in each day, and how they’re building their skills and knowledge. This is why we’ve put together a virtual tour to help you discover the space.

For an interactive early years experience that builds on key skills, Huntington Kinder Class is the ideal choice. Watch your child flourish in a positive, uplifting environment, as they begin to build confidence and make new friends for life.

We are always keen to hear from parents and allay any concerns or queries you may have. For a true investment in your child’s development, contact Huntington Kinder Class York preschool today.